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Once applied to the skin, our e11even fragrance oil skin bursts open with fresh top notes of rose and geranium, with a sparkling citrus note – then warms down to earthy patchouli woods from Indonesia, drying down to an almost ethereal veil of amber undertones. Worn by men and women alike, e11even has a beautiful effect on the wearer, enhancing and elevating any moment and place with its unique, simple, yet addictive fragrance.

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Just a quick update - As many of you know, our e11even Fragrance Oil is currently out of stock, and we want to say a huge thank you for the overwhelming support you've shown us. The demand for our signature scent has been beyond expectation, and we sincerely appreciate your patience and loyalty.

Apply it to wrists, behind the ears or anywhere you would traditionally apply fragrances.

Using the roller ball draw a circle on your chest right before you step into your bath. While soaking gently massage your breast bone and breathe deeply. Let the aroma infuse with the warm water and steam work its magic.

Apply a little to your eye mask or add to your nighttime skincare routine to transport you to exotic lands ready for a beautiful night’s sleep.

After showering roll a few circles into the palm of your hands then gently smooth the oil over your hair lengths or massage the oil into your entire beard in a downward motion for a truly evocative experience.

We designed our fragrance as a rollerball because we want you to take it everywhere you go and for our scent to be a part of your lifestyle. Smelling like e11even will help you to feel confident, calm, grounded, and energised. Its multifaceted effect on people must be experienced to believed.

Luxury ingredients were of course important, but ensuring that those ingredients were sourced and harvested responsibly and ethically was non negotiable. e11even is vegan and cruelty free, and does not contain any alcohol, palm oil or parabens. It is manufactured and filled in the UK where the brand is based, using MIRON Violetglass, which is a unique biophotonic glass used for natural products. Its unique properties protect products from the harmful effects of light, increase their shelf life, and protect and revitalise their potency

All secondary packaging such as boxes, tissue and leaflets have been sourced to be as eco conscious as possible.

Available on December 18, 2023

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23 reviews for e11even Fragrance Oil

  1. Collin

    First time I have worn this fragrance & it’s amazing…. that natural earthy smell is great! Looking forward to wearing it out…. its different from the rest!

  2. Jess

    Initially I bought this fragrance blind after free reading some press and was intrigued to try. Now on my second bottle (18months later) and even wore the scent on my wedding day. I adore this fragrance and the way it makes me feel. Never fails to get compliments from strangers as well!

  3. Elizabeth Jayne Vine

    Thank you for the sample. Wow, beautiful scent. Warm, sensual, long wearing and I love it. Will definitely be placing an order for the 20ml.

  4. Sally McInerney

    Have searched high and low for a natural scent that includes patchouli. This is everything! Got a sample and I am addicted. Everyone I know who has smelt this LOVES it. Just wonderful. Thank you. Makes me very happy!

  5. Shirley

    Makes me feel like Polly Gray (Peaky Blinders) when she was tending her fire with Aberama Gold in the forest. Independently earthy, heady, connected, seductive, spirited, yet grounded. Adore that scene. Adore this scent. I imagine this would have been her signature fragrance. I have mine over a year now and there’s still no signs of it giving up. I feel warmed, individual and secure when I wear it.

  6. Andy Stanson

    I love the scent. Only a little in my whiskers when I’m unshaven and it lingers wonderfully all day. Clean shaven, just a dab on my neck.

  7. Jules Whalesby

    Every time I wear this I receive endless comments on the beautiful, warm smell. It gives me confidence when I have it with me to pop on especially during my busy working day and evenings out.

  8. Karen Wilcock

    My little red envelope popped through the letterbox, a couple of days ago!
    I’m completely blown away by e11even! Can one scent really make me feel gorgeous, uplifted and then so calm that I fall quickly into a deep soothing sleep – well, the answer is…YES!

  9. Heidi

    An uplifting scent that really does smell totally amazing…love it!

  10. Ruha

    Just have to say I’m totally obsessed with this gorgeous smell! I got mine yesterday and I have never had so many compliments on a scent! All my favourite scents in one bottle. Thank you x

  11. Neeta

    This smells beyond beautiful 🙌

  12. Denise

    It smells amazing!

  13. Lauren_75

    So unique, I love it! My hubby kept using it so I bought him one too and he uses it as a beard oil and he just loves it!

  14. Liz

    Goodness, divine, I run it through my hair and adds a beautiful shine and smell! Love love love! Thank you!

  15. Tilly

    Absolutely stunning scent. I feel like something’s missing if I’m not wearing it. I love it💗

  16. Julie

    Just received my sample. It smells absolutely amazing! – Love it 😍👏

  17. Anonymous

    I love my e11even fragrance I get compliments all the time when I wear it…smells divine 💗💗💗

  18. Gillian

    Thank you for creating this gorgeous fragrance…I get compliments every day!

  19. fyfe_Sandra

    I absolutely love it… addictive!🖤

  20. Janette

    Beautiful Fragrance!

  21. a_caroline_rowland

    Thank you so much received my sample yesterday, love the roller ball! It smells so fresh and unique. New signature perfume 😍

  22. Ulyssesmum

    The more I wear it the more I love it!

  23. Kate

    Absolutely beautiful fragrance- so unexpected and different from anything else I have tried. It smells like a really high-end spa – I get so many compliments!

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