Future Dreams

Future Dreams - Breast Cancer Awareness and Support

October 1st sees the launch of breast cancer awareness month. Here at e11even, we are continuing our support for the incredible breast cancer charity – Future Dreams. Our founders Cat and Amanda have been loyal supporters of the charity since it was founded in 2008 by mother and daughter, Sylvie and Danielle- who was a […]

Vogue’s NEW Must Have

Vogue's must haves

“Meditation in motion” – as seen in @britishvogue‘s . We are so delighted we made the number one spot in VOGUE’s Beauty Director @jessicadiner round up of new must have products this week.

Karimah Hassan

Karimah Hassan e11even Fragrance Oil

Karimah Hassan Talks about her collaboration on e11even Fragrance.

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike Vogue CZ

When not in front of a camera, she wears a unique perfume from a friend Amanda Grossman, make-up artist and founder of ‘e11even’, who contrived it from expressive essential oils, geranium and smokey undertones… “People literally go crazy from the scent. Men follow me on the street to ask me where they can buy the […]

Interview with the Founders

Cat Deeley and Amanda Grossman interview

Amanda Grossman and Cat Deeley talk about their passion and love for fragrance and what inspired them to create e11even.