Our story

Fragrance being a shared passion for both, Amanda mixed Cat her own vial of the ‘secret fragrance oil’ back in 2005, who fell in love instantly and has worn ever since. And so began the story of e11even. 

Fast forward to today, and the years of requests from male and female clients around the world, this cult “backstage” fragrance has been created with leading fragrance experts, sustainably made here in the UK, and is now available to everyone.

We hope you love e11even as much as we do. 

Since embarking on this project, Amanda and Cat have worked tirelessly together and with specialist formulators, in every aspect of this endeavour.

They wanted to make the fragrance available to everyone, whilst still retaining the integrity of the brand, keeping sacred the values they both hold most dear and upholding their responsibility as global citizens.

Why e11even?

In numerology the number 11 represents two pillars, a gateway, representing awareness and consciousness.

When we see the number 11 it focuses the mind, it makes us be in the present moment and allows us to see all possibilities exist, it can really boost mind, body and spirit. Whilst at the same time addressing the balance in our lives between masculine and feminine, emotion and thought, work and play.

The fragrance, e11even, has similar attributes and encourages the wearer to stop, take a deep breath, stay positive and consciously focus on balancing themselves, where attention goes, energy flows. It awakens the senses, ignites intuition and makes the wearer truly unforgettable.

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e11even fragrance beard and hair oil
Patchouli wood fragrance

How to use e11even

e11even essential oil fragrance on skin

Signature Fragrance

Apply it to wrists, behind the ears or anywhere you would traditionally apply fragrances.

e11even essential oil fragrance on skin

Bathing Ritual

Using the roller ball draw a circle on your chest right before you step into your bath. While soaking gently massage your breast bone and breathe deeply. Let the aroma infuse with the warm water and steam work it's magic.

Cat Deeley e11even fragrance

Pick me up

We designed our fragrance as a rollerball because we want you to take it everywhere you go and for our scent to be a part of your lifestyle. Smelling like e11even will help you to feel confident, calm, grounded and energised. It's multifaceted effect on people must be experienced to believed.

bedtime fragrance

Sleep well

Apply a little to your eye mask or add to your nighttime skincare routine to transport you to exotic lands ready for a beautiful night's sleep.

e11even fragrance beard and hair oil

Hair or Beard Oil

After showering roll a few circles into the palm of your hands then gently smooth the oil over your hair lengths or massage the oil into your entire beard in a downward motion for a truly evocative experience.

e11even fragrance oil
e11even Fragrance

Fragrance Oil | 20ml – 0.68 fl oz